Baccarat in online casinos

No matter when and where Baccarat ultimately comes from, the fact is that it is one of the fastest card games to learn in online casinos. Who is not familiar with the rules is here exactly right. In the following sections, we will introduce you to the fast and exciting game of chance and explain the rules. Thus, nothing stands in your way when you get started.

How Start Play Baccarat

The objective in Baccarat is to score as close as possible to 9 points in total with your cards. Unlike Blackjack, it doesn’t matter if you exceed this total, as 10 eyes are deducted.

There are always two players playing against each other. The other players at the table are passive, but can bet on the outcome of the game round. In the online casino (except in Live Baccarat) you are always passive and only bet on the outcome of the round. The game is usually played with 6 or 8 French decks of 52 cards each. In private games is of course also played with a deck of cards.

Cards Value In Baccarat

All number cards also have their value, aces count as one point and pictures count as 0 points. If the first two cards in the buzzer are 8 or 9, one speaks of a “nature”. If you have more than 9 points with the first two cards, you have to subtract 10 points to get your total.7 + 8 for example gives 15. Subtract the 10 points and you get 5 points.

Baccarat Game Play

At the beginning of a round you bet on the bench, the player or on a draw. After that, the player and the banker are dealt 2 cards each. If one of the two has a “temperament”, he is automatically the winner, unless the other one also has one. Then this counts as a tie. In most online Baccarat, however, a third card can be dealt.

In most cases, this is the case when the player only has five points or less. If he has more, he does not get any more. The banker must also follow certain rules. These may sound a bit complicated when you read through them, but they are quickly learned and become second nature. Since one in the online casino anyway only passively participate in the game, this is quickly done. In the following the general rules when the banker must take a card:

Baccarat Rules

If the player has 0 to 3 points, the banker takes a third card unless he has a “nature” anyway and wins
If the banker has only three points, he draws another card regardless of the player’s score
If the player has between two and seven points and the banker only 4, he also draws another card.
If the banker has four points and the player has no points or only one point, the banker may not draw a new card, but the player gets the opportunity to pass the banker with another card and win.
If the banker has five points and the player has between zero and three points, the banker must also pass and the player can pass the banker with a third card and win the round.
If the banker has 5 points and the player between five and seven points, the banker will draw another card in most versions.
If the banker with two cards has seven points, he stops and does not draw another card.

Please note that these rules are often slightly different in different versions of Baccarat. Please take advantage of the opportunity to play online Baccarat for free and practice until you are familiar with them. In which casino you can play Baccarat for free without registration you will find in our Casino Tests. Usually Baccarat can be found under the tab with the table games.

Baccarat live
Baccarat live

Side Bets

Some of the modern online Baccarat variants offer the option to place side bets. “Player’s pair” and “Banker’s pair” are probably the most common bets offered as an added incentive.

In this side bet, you place a wager on whether the first two cards dealt to the player or the banker (depending on which of the two side bets is chosen) are a pair, e.g. 5-5 or K-K. For all other outcomes that do not involve the first two cards forming a pair, the side bet is lost. The game continues as a normal round of Baccarat, allowing players to place normal bets and side bets. Some variations even offer players the option to waive the normal bet and place only the side bet. This side bet in online Baccarat usually has a payout ratio of 12 to 1.

Baccarat Odds

Whoever bets on the bank or the player and wins will be paid out 1 to 1. A bet on a tie pays 9 to 1, or sometimes 8 to 1, and a pair bet pays 12 to 1 if you win.
The banker advantage is slightly less (as better for the player) than the bet on the player. The payout ratio (RTP – Return to Player) is almost 99% for the bank bet, but the player bet is also only fractions below that. Tie and pair bets have a payout ratio of less than 90%.

Baccarat – Live Casino

Baccarat at the live casino offers a gaming experience where players can follow the action to its best advantage. A multi-camera format streams live HD video quality to a PC, cell phone or tablet and offers a variety of different views of the game. With zoom shots of the cards, cut-outs and wide-angle shots, Baccarat at the Live Casino offers a very realistic experience, almost like in a real casino.

The gaming action at the table is led by professional live dealers who are specialized in interacting with players online. The dealers greet the player as soon as they are seated at the table. They answer any questions throughout the game. You simply send a message using the chat functions and receive a verbal answer which you can hear through your speakers or headphones.

Baccarat in the Live Casino is played just like regular Baccarat. The player tries to beat the banker (dealer) with a hand that is closest in value to 9. The game is played with eight 52-card decks. Before each game round and before the cards are dealt, the player can bet on which hand will win. Of course, you can also bet on the banker’s hand!

Although Baccarat is easy to understand and play, there are many different bet types and payout options. It is the perfect choice for live players who want a less complicated game that still offers high payouts.

Please note that Baccarat cannot be tested for free at the Live Casino. The dealers do not work for free. If you want to familiarize yourself with the Baccarat rules in the online casino, it is advisable to first learn the respective version of the table games before sitting down at the Baccarat table in the live casino.