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Willage Kid From PlayGo

It’s all in the title of our article, so you’ll have understood: the Village Kid slot is about street food in Istanbul. It will plunge you in the middle of its street vendors and will make you taste all its specialties to be eaten on the go.

But what theme is really behind Village Kid?

Play n’ Go has decided to test your taste buds by simply tackling a gourmet subject for its next slot machine. It has therefore turned to a theme that is still rarely addressed by other online casino game developers: street food, and more precisely, Istanbul’s “street food”.
The publisher proposes to us here to rub shoulders with a most atypical subject, but which remains however a very current topic, because it affects the sector of small food shops and street vendors. If the choice of this theme can surprise and really seem unusual, it should be known that the largest city and metropolis of Turkey has become a master in this culinary art. For the record, we think it’s wise to reveal that this slot machine was originally developed for the Turkish gaming industry…but it was without counting on the perspicacity of many online casinos to see in it a very good title for its players, and to adopt it to offer it in their Play n’ Go games catalog and thus to integrate it into their toy library.

Istanbul street food inspires Play n’ Go

Istanbul is a city full of shops and food cart, a kind of cart, so we can see that street food is almost everywhere in the streets.
The unavoidable kebab obviously has a place of choice among all the dishes and recipes proposed for these tastings in the street and “on the go”. But there are also other dishes that the game developer has decided to let us discover through his next slot machine. We’ll come back to this concept of street food below and in more detail, but we’ll now focus more on the game.
Play n’ Go has therefore decided to focus on small taste pleasures in its game Village Kid. This is how you will be able to find on the menu of your rolls, symbols in the form of potatoes topped with cheese and raw vegetables (kumpir), stuffed mussels (midye dolmasi) or even Turkish pretzels (simit).
It is therefore advisable to be hungry for money rather than dieting to play this slot filled with greedy symbols that are likely to whet your appetite, especially if you enjoy the flavor of fragrant and caloric Middle Eastern dishes!

In terms of Village Kid’s features

Greediness is involved on the machine right down to the bonuses. Indeed, we can easily say that the editor has played the gourmet food and flavors card thoroughly since we find really appetizing symbols. The Wild symbol, which doubles the winnings by the way, is symbolized by a very nice ice cream cup topped with whipped cream and some seasonal fruits. As for the free spins mode, it offers 3 options also symbolized by beautiful and tempting cups of ice cream, composed of a number of free spins and a very attractive winnings multiplier.

Play n’ Go even pushes the pleasure of playing and tasting by offering a bonus game. This allows you to push the doors of small shops entirely dedicated to food, in order to collect rewards of up to 500 times the stake placed.

It is therefore advisable to play this slot machine outside of any diet, so as not to give in to temptation, but you can still make an effort if you are thinking of swallowing winnings instead of caloric food! And since we’re talking about food, let’s take a look at the world of street food in Istanbul…

Istanbul and street food

The first thing to know is that in Turkey and especially in Istanbul, there is no time to eat. As incredible as it may seem for us Swiss, restaurants are open all day long and you can enjoy the street food that is omnipresent in the city’s neighborhoods at all hours. Turks do eat at all hours and if you visit the city, you will most certainly do the same!
This is the city of temptation, really not recommended for people on a diet, as you won’t be able to walk more than a kilometer without running into many street vendors or seeing a restaurant offering its highly nutritious and gourmet specialties.
It is true that their number is really impressive in Istanbul and the most famous are those who sell Simit, a kind of round bread covered with sesame seeds that you can find as a symbol in the slot machine of Play n’ Go that we have just shown you.
The specialties also attracting big gourmets are the Kestane, roasted chestnuts or midye dolma, mussels stuffed with rice with onion and spices sprinkled with lemon that you can also find on Village Kid: street food! PlaynGo casino slot games can play in all top Softswiss casinos, to boost up balance you can get great welcome bonuses from Softswiss casinos.

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