Craps Online

The rules of Craps are relatively simple. Once you understand them and learn the various betting and wagering options, you will soon see how exciting and entertaining the dice game is. We at Casino Specialist want to give you the opportunity to learn the basics and rules of Craps.

Online Craps Basic Rules

Basically, Craps is a dice game which is played with two six-sided, i.e. normal dice. One does not play against other players, but against the casino, or also called “bank”. In real casinos there is a “shooter”. This is the person who rolls the dice. Other players can also bet on the outcome. In online craps, the dice is triggered by clicking on the appropriate button.

Craps Rules In General

Even though there are different variations of this dice game in casinos around the world, the basic rules are always the same. The shooter, i.e. the player who throws the dice, puts a certain amount of money on his roll. Depending on the outcome he either loses or wins. The other players at the table – called faders – can also bet on the outcome. In a private game, the faders bet against the shooter. In the casino you always play against the bank.

Online craps
Online craps


The first litter is called “Come Out”.
At an eye total of 7 or 11, the “Natural” is called and you win immediately.
At 2, 3 or 12, it is called a “Crap” and you lose immediately
For all other results, the shooter has a “point” and can roll the dice again.

If the shooter scores the same number of points on the second roll as on the first, he wins; if he rolls a “7” he loses immediately. With any other number he can roll the dice again. If a round is completed and the shooter is the winner, he/she retains possession of the dice for the next round. If he loses, he must pass the dice to another player and becomes the “fader”.

So much for the basic rules for private games in a social gathering. In online craps, however, it is mainly about placing the appropriate bets. Exactly here it comes due to the many options and the English terms of the frequent confusion and misunderstandings with all who are not quite so powerful in the English language. It’s not that complicated once you are familiar with the basic rules of online craps.

Betting Options In Online Craps

Of course, in private games as well as in the casino, the right tension only arises when you bet on something. Who looks for the first time in its life on a Craps play table will first surprised the eyes rub, since contrary to Roulette is not immediately clear which the different fields mean. For this reason, we have created the following graphic, which will help you get started with the slightly confusing betting options in online Craps.

A – Pass: Whoever bets on pass wins at 7 or 11 automatically at 2.3 ider 12 you have lost immediately. All other sums are “Point”. This can be seen as a draw and the shooter has a second roll. If the shooter rolls another “point”, he wins and if he rolls a 7, he loses.
B – Don’t Pass: As you can imagine, “Don’t Pass” is the exact opposite. On 7 and 11 you lose and on 2 or 3 you win immediately. However, 12 is a draw and you get your bet back. For all other sums, you enter the second round where you automatically win at 7 and lose at the point.
C&D – Come/Don’t Come: These bets basically work like the pass bet. However, you do not bet on the first roll of the dice (come out roll) but on the second or subsequent rolls. Otherwise they work the same way.
E – The Odds: Actually The Odds is only a side bet. It can only be placed after a “point”. You win if the next point is rolled before a 7. With “The Odds” there is no mathematical advantage for the casino. Therefore, most casinos have a strict limit on the maximum bet.
“Laying the Odds” is exactly the opposite of The Odds. Here you bet that a 7 will be rolled before the “point”. Since the bank has no mathematical advantage, bets are usually limited.
I – Place: 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10 are the place numbers. You bet on these numbers. If they are rolled before the 7 you win. Place bets are similar to The Odds bet, except that they do not require a pass bet before the place bets can be placed.
J – Place to Lose: This is the opposite of the “Place” bet. You win on a number that is not in the place list.
H – Field: You win if an eye sum of 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11 or even 12 is rolled on the next roll.
F&G – Big 6 & Big 8: These are basically special place bets. However, since the probability is lower in most casinos, the payout rate is higher.
K – Buy: Works similar to the Place and Odds bet. Since it is however a kind of side bet and there is no house advantage is not offered this partly not, is limited by the employment or costs with profit a small Protzentsatz commission to the house.
L – Lay: The Lay bet is the opposite of the Buy bet as you might have guessed. There is no house advantage here either.
M – Any 7: You always win when a 7 is rolled.
N – Hard Ways: Here you bet on a double, i.e. that the 2 dice show the same number. Of course, the probability is not very high, but the payout ratio is correspondingly good.
O – Three: You win if the sum of your eyes is 3.
P – Aces: Two times 1 makes you the winner
Q – Twelve: A double 6 lets her win
R – Any Eleven: The 6-5 combination is your winner
S – Any Craps: The actual Verierer numbers 2, 3 or 12 let them win.
T – Horn: The bet is the opposite of “Any Craps

Please note that there are some variations in betting options at different craps providers. The basic bets such as the come/don’t come or pass bets and some others are available at every Craps table. Not all bets are offered at every version of online Craps.

For beginners, it’s a good idea to start with the simple Pass and Come bets until you are used to the game. The playing fields can also be slightly different in design. Therefore, a simple start is recommended.

As with all casino games, there is of course always an advantage for the house. The exceptions for partial and side bets we have explained above. Don’t Pass and Don’t Come have the smallest house advantage with 1.36%, followed by Pass and Come with 1.41%. Of course, this is the purely mathematical advantage and anyone can have a winning streak during a longer round of craps.