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We like to communicate with the players who solicit us. Quite often this is for assistance with a dispute regarding a withdrawal at an online casino. However, we do notice common mistakes made by players and would like to share them with you so that you don’t have to make them yourself! Here are the 7 common mistakes of online casino players:

Do not play in demo to understand the rules of a game.

If it makes sense, everyone needs training to improve. Since casino gambling is a game of money, you will avoid losses if you take the time to first play the main casino games in demo mode to understand how they work.

You can play directly on our site or use the online casino demo mode to thoroughly test the games you like. Take advantage of this opportunity to test anything you like, read the rules of the games, and have fun without any pressure to win or lose!

Being impatient and cancelling a withdrawal to play

Often novice players use only one online casino. Everything is fine as long as they have not made any withdrawals. When that time comes, they will then need to have a file validated with the online casino in question, and will need to send personal documents (proof of residence, proof of payment method used, etc.).

Online casinos have increasingly strict conditions imposed on them by gaming licenses. For example, they must receive a photo of a document (showing all 4 edges) printed as proof of residence and will refuse a digital document (which can be easily falsified).

Some players do not meet all the conditions 100%, and this can cause processing delays of several weeks before they can collect their first winnings. Regardless of whether the error is made by the player or the casino (which may also be momentarily imponderable in its logistics), players who have only one online casino account may decide to cancel the withdrawal in order to be able to play right away. A mistake and online casinos know it well…

The solution lies in the simple fact of being able to juggle multiple brands and online casino accounts. You’ll avoid losing patience and can continue to play elsewhere while waiting to receive your winnings.


Not knowing the mathematical laws of gambling

Almost all gamblers do not have a thorough knowledge of the mathematical laws of chance. However, it is this knowledge that allows us to accept that gambling can only be an entertainment because the mathematical advantage is always in favor of the casino in the long run (except for certain mutual games such as poker).

Our dossier here is not intended to explain these laws to you, but to make you aware that with a minimum of research, you will be able to understand notions that will allow you to better apprehend gambling as a whole (and even improve your practice in order to win more).

The goal is to rationally understand that gambling can only be considered as entertainment and not as a possibility to win money as a professional activity (except for special cases such as professional poker players).

The main notions are the following: redistribution rate, mathematical expectation, law of series, law of discrepancies, law of large numbers, law of the third.


Being attracted to large amounts

The lure of winning is typically human… and that is why many companies offer lotteries with winnings in amounts that reach several millions.

However, if you have followed our latest advice and learned about the mathematical laws, the larger the amount, the rarer the frequency of winning.

This is easily understood on a roulette mat. Is it more profitable to play on a full number or on a single chance? A full number offers a higher payout but it is directly related to its frequency of appearance and therefore it is the same (except that on some roulette wheels there is a zero tax which can be reduced and therefore playing simple odds can be more profitable).

In other words, the more you aim to win big, the more capital would be needed to support the volatility linked to a rarer frequency of the gain. If this doesn’t speak to you, don’t worry, just understand that generally speaking, it’s better to aim for small winnings because you’ll more easily find yourself in a more profitable gambling situation.

This is also why we mainly (unless that is your sole purpose) advise against playing slots with a progressive jackpot. These games will only raise money for long periods of time and only a winner will be able to enjoy them.

Conversely, if you play a machine without a progressive jackpot, it will pay out some of its winnings more quickly and you will be able to enjoy them directly. You may not have won millions, but you will be able to have small jackpots that are much more accessible and frequent. Here again greed is a nasty flaw!

Lottery companies know this and many games that offer big winnings actually offer a game with a higher mathematical tax for the player. It is therefore more profitable to be less greedy.


A real lack of behavioral discipline

The more you win, the more you want to win. The higher you bet, the bigger the losses will be. The higher the losses and the greater the danger. The greater the danger and the greater the adrenaline…

Many gamblers are guided by their emotions and react fairly passively to their feelings. They like emotional elevators, experiencing the joy of winning and even paradoxically losing. In the end, players without discipline play a game that is not the most mathematically optimized.

It can be said that a player who allows himself to be guided by his emotions will go bankrupt more quickly than a player who adopts a reasonable practice and moderates his bets by taking a small step back.

The main mistake is not to accept losses, and to hope to recover by betting more and more to recover (the martingale principle). Without knowledge of mathematical laws, one can remain in this belief which is totally unfounded, and therefore will only accelerate your losses.

Learn to take a step back, to better manage your emotions. You need to be aware of this and when you play at an online casino, don’t hesitate to take a break to “come down”. If you win, avoid getting carried away, and if you lose, don’t panic. Take some time to think about it and let some rounds go by, and eventually reduce your bets. You will avoid making “tilts” and you will be able to really exploit the bonuses of online casinos. With a large capital and a reasonable approach you will be able to play much longer and thus try to hit a small jackpot many times, which you will be able to withdraw as soon as possible! Play responsibly… you’ll win both fun and money!


Do not choose the online casino that matches your profile.

Those with experience in the world of online casinos have certainly taken a long time to find brands that match what they are looking for.

For new players, take the time to understand the marketing approaches of different casinos. Of course, choose reputable online casinos and understand that each casino tries to stand out by offering different approaches.

Some are designed to offer large welcome bonuses, with a slightly more aggressive approach that does not have the main goal of building player loyalty. Others offer smaller bonuses, but with freer conditions for players and withdrawals.

The most important thing to understand is that you have a profile. Maybe you like to try out different casinos because you really enjoy discovering a lot of new games. Maybe you like to play live casino games almost exclusively and in that case you should get in touch with a specialist in the field. Maybe you only like unconditional bonuses and you should find a brand that offers this approach. Or maybe you like to be pampered and would like to have exclusive services with a particularly well-designed VIP program, to try to get a greater advantage for your gaming sessions in the long run (because indeed some VIP programs can become really advantageous if you are a loyal player).

Ask yourself these questions and try to identify your main objectives in the world of online casinos. Only then, for example, read our online casino reviews to find out which ones are right for you, you will avoid a lot of frustration and surely maximize your winnings!


Do not read the bonus terms and conditions

Casino BonusWe can’t say it often enough! Always read the bonus terms and conditions. Or refuse them systematically. This is perhaps the most important tip in this matter, as many players do not respect the bonus terms and conditions and get stuck making a withdrawal. They get stubborn… and start calling the online casino in question a scam. And you know the rest.

Casinos offer casino bonuses but must impose conditions to keep it fair. It’s a marketing approach and it only benefits those who read them to respect them.

Sometimes the rules can be simple. For example, you must never bet more than €5 per round. Or respect wagering on a certain type of game, etc.

Of course, a casino with too many conditions is not for beginners. Others do not hesitate to put forward their conditions because they are easy to understand, at the expense of giving less bonus. As a result, they must be read and understood. Never hesitate to question the support of the online casinos in question, this will give you an additional opinion on the seriousness that is given to customer support. When in doubt you are free to strictly refuse all bonuses (but don’t start betting until it is active and validated by the support). A good compromise is to choose casinos that have a “long term” approach and offer smaller bonuses without conditions. This is the case at Cresus Casino, for example, which allows you to withdraw your winnings at any time without having to worry about wagering. This brand aims to provide a real quality service and is concerned about pampering its players for the long term. That’s why the welcome bonus is not very big compared to others where you could have up to €1,000 (but with little chance of withdrawing anything).


In summary

If you’ve read this entire file, here are the main tips you should remember to avoid making the top 7 online casino gambling mistakes:

Don’t underestimate the usefulness of free games (or demo mode): to discover new games and understand the bonuses, betting variations and other special rules of any game,

Ideally have 2 to 3 accounts at online casinos: this will allow you to continue to play and juggle between several brands when you have requested a withdrawal at a casino (and thus anticipate possible delays in getting your first withdrawal validated),

Find out about the main mathematical laws of chance: expected payoff, law of series, law of difference, redistribution rate, law of large numbers, etc.

Favour games with moderate winnings: generally speaking, the more you want to win big, the rarer the frequency will be and the game will be even less “profitable” for you in the long run,

Practice responsible gambling with behavioral discipline: be aware of your moods when you gamble, and adjust your bets with a little more perspective. Your wallet will thank you!

Identify your main goals and determine your gambling profile so that you can find the online casinos that are right for you. You’ll have more fun and experience more rewarding gaming sessions!

ALWAYS read the terms and conditions of the bonuses: this is what will really allow you to withdraw your winnings without getting stuck. There is nothing more frustrating than having your winnings voided for missing a rule.

Bonus Tip: Never wait until you’ve won big to request a withdrawal and get your file validated. Even if it is to withdraw 50 € or 100 €, the goal is to have an active account and where you are sure to be able to make a withdrawal under the best conditions. When you will win several thousands of euros later, you will be able to take advantage of it!

Feel free to print out these tips so you have them handy when you play or register at an online casino, your finances and your gaming enjoyment are at stake. Also, feel free to read our file on how to avoid the major online casino scams.

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