Online Casino Roulette

Roulette is the queen of casino games and like no other game is connected to the “casino myth”. The roulette table is the first and last station of the player in every online casino. Even many guests of the casino who do not play roulette themselves like to watch a round when the ball is thrown into the bowl and it is called “Rien ne va plus” again. – “No more bets.”

Roulette History

In all probability, the game of roulette was invented in Italy in the 17th century, where it was something like a further development of the wheel of fortune dating from the Middle Ages. The special structure of the field makes the game interesting for several players and the high mathematical complexity ensured that the casino operators had good control over the players’ chances of winning. The best prerequisites for founding a successful business enterprise with your casino.


The basic rules are similar for all variants of the game. Players can place their bets on either number fields or number groups, as well as color groups or adjacent fields. For a bet on a group of numbers or color, the chip is either placed so that several fields are covered at the same time or one of the corresponding fields on the edge of the field is marked as a group bet.

Besides one should make oneself familiar with some basic terms, if one intends to operate the Roulette play somewhat more seriously. Among other things belong to it:

Carré: With this kind of the bet one sets on the corner of the field and all fields to the chip adjacent can win with the next spin.
Column: If a bet is placed on a whole row, this is called a column bet. For this type of bet, there are separate squares under each row where your own game chip is placed. The bet is then settled automatically.
Bet on the dozen: The playing field is divided into 3 large areas. Each of the 3 sections contains a total of 12 numbers. The labeling of the side fields refers to the winning rows from 1 to 12, from 13 to 24 or from 25 to 36. If one of the numbers is hit in this area, the player with the tip on the right dozen receives 3 times his bet as a win.
Mini Roulette and Boulé: This variant of the Roulette game is only related to Roulette in this way. However, the game is played with significantly fewer numbers in the wheel, which makes the rules much easier. The chances of winning are generally better in European Roulette.

Live roulette
Live roulette

Roulette Game Variants

Occasionally one still encounters variants in the modern online casinos. The only difference to the typical European roulette consists however in the use of further numbers, and/or a double zero instead of only one simply zero.

The result of this rule is fast explained. In a normal roulette game, the player has the chance to bet on 36 numbers and the zero. However, the zero is not part of a group of numbers and is not one of the two colors red or black that can be bet on. Thus, the probability shifts by a factor of 1 to 36 in favor of the casino and in the long run, the casino always wins. At least if one orients oneself by the average values. If a second zero is added, the odds move further in favor of the casino, because now the chance is already 1 to 37.

En-Prison: bets on easy odds are “locked into jail” when a zero falls. This means you remain on the table for another round.
Partage: Lost bets are split and remain half on the table

Roulette Tricks

To be able to win, it is above all important to have secure control over your own credit balance. In good German this means – the best roulette trick is mastery! Not playing over your own limit is the only secret. This applies to the amount of the stakes in individual games as well as to the limit at which your own reserves are exhausted.

Roulette Online

A Straight Up bet is the simplest and most lucrative bet possible. It involves one or more chips being placed by the player on a single number field or the zero. If the number wins, a payout of 36 times the bet is made. But the greatest probability is still when betting on colors! By betting on red or black, the player has almost 50% odds on his bet. With the right roulette strategy you can have the most fun. All top Softswiss casinos offer wide range roulette games.

Sometimes online casinos offer special discounts for playing at tables with variations. In the end, however, it is better to keep your fingers off all variants like American roulette. Only German roulette might correspond from the rules to the European roulette still best. The modern rules were first introduced in German casinos like Baden-Baden, in order to make the game more attractive and to attract more new players. Otherwise, it is always better to stick to French Roulette.