Online Bingo


Thanks to online casinos, this form of number lottery is becoming more and more popular in our latitudes. Who would like to play bingo online can do this actually in each virtual casino meanwhile. Since certainly some of our valued readers, especially the younger ones, may not even know what this game is about, we would like to explain the basics and rules of bingo in the following sections briefly.

Bingo History

If you believe the history books, a first form of bingo takes its beginnings in 16th century Italy. From Italy the game spread to France and became known as “Le Lotto”. It was mostly played by the French aristocracy at court. Spanish emigrants brought Bingo to America. The origins of the modern version of the game are a little unclear, but it definitely gained popularity with the first modern version of the game, which appeared at carnivals and fairs in the 1920s. Its “invention” is attributed to a Hugh J. Ward. The patent for a modern bingo card design, however, went to Erwin S. Lowe in 1942. The game he had seen at that time was called Beano (English Beans). In those days, people used beans to mark their numbers on the cards. If a player had occupied an entire row with beans, he had to call “Beano” to claim his winnings.

Lowe was instrumental in spreading the game across America and making it very popular there. After his return to the East Coast, he introduced Beano to his friends. However, he himself acted as an observer during the game. During the game he observed that one of the players shouted “Bingo” instead of shouting “Beano”, so the name for the game was born. The simple rules and exciting gameplay ensured that the game spread rapidly. Besides the USA, bingo is especially popular in England and the Philippines. Anyone who ever travels to the archipelago of islands should not miss to visit a bingo hall on the weekend. Surely they will revise their image of the senior citizens’ rounds in old people’s homes at the spectacle that prevails there.

Online bingo exists since the end of the last millennium. As soon as the first online casinos were reliably available on the Internet was offered by the software manufacturers also bingo in these virtual casinos. In principle, the game in the online casino is just like in the real bingo halls. Of course, there are additional options and more variations than you will find in a bingo hall, but this does not change the game principle.

Classic bingo
Classic bingo

Bingo Round

As already mentioned, the bingo rules are kept very clear and simple, so that everyone can learn this number lotto very quickly. Before you start the game you buy a bingo card. On this are different numbers which are depending on the bingo version between 60 and 90. These are arranged in columns. For example, the first column contains the numbers 1 to 10, the second 11 to 20, the third 21 to 30 and so on.

An announcer then pulls up to 30 winning numbers one after the other from a large drum and reads them out. When a number is called, the players check if it appears on their tickets. If it does, they mark it with a special marker called “Dabber” or “Dauber” or simply stroke it with a pen. When all the numbers needed to win a prize have been removed, the player shouts to get the announcer’s attention. There are no formal rules about what you can shout, but most players will shout “Yes” or “Bingo”. The announcer or one of his assistants will then take control of the ticket and give the appropriate prize to the player.

In the online casino, of course, you have no announcer. Here the number (or all numbers at once) is determined with a random number generator and presented on the screen. If you find a number mentioned on your bingo card, you must mark it. The main objective of the game is to create a vertical, horizontal or diagonal line with the mentioned numbers in order to be able to call out the word “BINGO” at the end. There are a variety of Bingo variations. Some of these can be complex patterns that can lead to a win, so that you can record a “BINGO”.

In online bingo, there are also versions where you can form different pay lines or the possibility is also an additional number can buy if you are on his bingo ticket only a number away from the win.

Online Bingo Rules

After the player is equipped with one or more bingo tickets, he must press the start button. Depending on the online bingo, one number after another is displayed, which you then mark on your virtual ticket. This procedure is very similar to the lottery, where you also mark fields on a ticket. In many versions of online bingo, this function is usually automated: You have the choice of letting the computer pick the numbers, but you can of course also tick each box by hand.

The numbers are drawn randomly. This is done by a regularly checked number generator, called RNG (Random Number Generator). In online bingo, those numbers on the ticket that were predicted correctly light up on the screen. The modern bingo games in the online casino have for determining the numbers partly great animated graphics and also the background music and sound effects are not lacking.

You have a “bingo” when five of the drawn numbers allow you to form a line on the ticket, whether vertically, horizontally or diagonally. In addition, as you can see on our graphic, there are also different special patterns, so you can form more than one winning line and also get higher payouts.

Bingo Strategy

Unfortunately we have to disappoint you. In online bingo there are no strategies. Here everything really goes at random as in a normal number lottery is just the case. Since the random number generator for the winning numbers is responsible for state but also by independent control bodies is constantly monitored, there are also for all hackers few options.

Of course you have higher chances of winning if you play several bingo tickets at once, but the stake is then also higher. Mathematically this makes no difference, but it is “felt” better if you win more often.

Play Bingo Online

Many of the virtual casinos we tested also offer online bingo. If you do not see the interesting and exciting casino game in the casino of your choice at first glance, you should either use the search function or look under “Other Games”. There you will usually find a selection of different number lotteries. Our casino experiences show that the games can be tested at most providers for free and without registration. When they register at an online casino is bingo next to the slots one of the games which is usually 100% in the sales conditions will be credited. Thus, the welcome bonus is ideal for getting to know this exciting and fast game and understand the different variations. And do not worry, you do not have to be over 60 to play online bingo.